Natalee has been interested in her Mom's business since she was very young. When Natalee was 12, Jaz It Up opened and she has helped from the beginning. Natalee is a Dietetics graduate of ISU and is currently an intern at the U of I hospital so her appearances at Jaz It Up are at a minimum, most of her help is done behind the scenes! 


JoAnn has been a part of Jaz It Up since the day we opened. She is a great people person and loves waiting on each customer; helping them make the perfect purchase choice. JoAnn is a fantastic decorator as well as arranging home decor. Now that we have a clothing in our boutique, she is excited to help you Jaz Up your wardrobe. JoAnn normally works at least one day a week as well as extra on holidays and open houses.

Atlanta Apparel Market February 2016,


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Natalee Enfield

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Linda is a full-time music teacher at Stewart Elementary and is the Music Director at the United Methodist Church. She has been a part of the Jaz It Up sales team for the past 3 yearsand works mostly Thursday nights and Saturdays. Linda is also depended on for her computer savvy skills to keep our overhead music and Facebook page updated.